dear self

our mission


Inspired by self-love

Our mission is to provide a high quality skin care line and encourage you to practice self-love daily! Every thought we think and every word we speak is an affirmation that is guiding the direction of our lives. Which is why each product comes with a unique, positive affirmation designed to redirect your habitual thinking patterns. 


Always Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

We believe in the power of plant-based ingredients and natural skin care. We also believe in never harming animals. All of our products are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and free of synthetics fragrances. Basically - free of any nasties!


Planet-Friendly Beauty

We love our planet and that is why we strive to make this skin care line as eco-friendly as possible. We have invested in high quality glass bottles to help put an end to the mass consumption of plastic. Also, for our packaging we have chosen an eco-friendly, paper bubble wrap to keep our products safe & sound!

  • Vegan ✔️
  • Cruelty-Free ✔️
  • Free of Parabens ✔️
  • Non-Comedogenic ✔️
  • Inspired by self-love ✔️
  • No synthetic fragrances ✔️
  • Created by two sisters obsessed with quality skincare ✔️

Meet the founders




I graduated from NYU, where I studied Business and Psychology. Now, I am learning Full Stack Web Development. I am a major bookworm, all-around nerd, and wannabe vegan chef.




I am a professional surfer. Lover of animals. Vegan activist. Yoga enthusiast. Ambassador at Beyond Meat, Swatch, Sector9,  Raen, Sticky Bump Wax, & SugarTaco.

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